CNN’s Brian Stelter, Dana Loesch Clash Over Whether the Trump WH Has Pushed ‘Unprecedented’ Lies

Conservative commentator and gun rights activist Dana Loesch quarreled with journalists on Twitter over the merits of giving platforms to public figures who used to work for President Donald Trump.

Fox News has confirmed they’re hiring former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a political commentator. CNN’s Brian Stelter commented on this news, as well as the announcement Wednesday regarding Sean Spicer’s upcoming participation on Dancing With the Stars, and is questioning whether these people ought to be elevated after spending months advancing the Trump administration’s lies.

Loesch saw Stelter’s tweet, and accused him of dehumanizing Sanders while saying “Disagreement doesn’t equal willfully misleading.”

Stelter countered by saying “this isn’t about “disagreement,” its about the lies and deceptions put forth by the administration.

Loesch’s response:

Loesch also had a few words for St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Chuck Raasch.

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