CNN’s Brian Stelter: Fox News ‘Tends Not to Apologize’ When Hosts Say ‘Offensive’ Things

For the second time in less than an hour Tuesday, CNN was playing — and criticizing — clips on air from Fox News. After Carol Costello condemned the “jokes” from Fox & Friends about the Ray Rice domestic abuse incident caught on elevator surveillance camera, she brought out CNN media reporter Brian Stelter to give his take.

“Yes, victims of domestic violence often return to their abusers for many complicated reasons,” Costello said. “I did briefly. In an op-ed I wrote for I talked about a boyfriend who knocked me out. I met up with that boyfriend again because he wanted to apologize. Let’s just say it was not a good idea. So Fox and Friends, to put it bluntly, shut up!”

“To say ‘take the stairs’ implies that that’s a way to go and commit that kind of crime and do it secretly,” Stelter said of Brian Kilmeade’s remarks. On the hosts’ attempts to address the issue the following morning, he added, “It was a horrible thing to say and Fox actually came back this morning, those hosts briefly acknowledged some of the complaints, but did not apologize.”

In a bit of unfortunate incongruity, CNN’s chyron read: “‘Fox & Friends Apologize for Rice Joke.'”

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“Notice what he said there, ‘It made some people feel like we weren’t taking it seriously,'” Stelter said after playing a clip of Kilmeade’s response. “It’s a very cheap way to pretend to apologize. But then again, Fox News tends not to come out and apologize when their hosts say offensive things. This is kind of how the network operates, so I can’t tell you I’m particularly surprised by it.”

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