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CNN’s Brian Stelter on Trump’s G-7 Presser: Lots of ‘Wishful Thinking’ Going On

CNN’s Brian Stelter today noted that while President Trump does lie a lot, some of the untrue statements he made today may be more “wishful thinking.”

During a segment on the short press conference this morning from the G-7 summit, anchor Fredricka Whitfield asked, “Was he using that opportunity as a bullhorn prior to his departure?”

Stelter said, “Some of the claims at these sorts of surprise pressers are just totally bogus. The President likes to say the U.S. has a trade deficit with almost every country. That is absolutely not true, and he has said it so many times I think it’s fair to call it a lie.”

However, he said some of Trump’s claims––like on how he expects the North Korea summit to go and how he thinks his relationship with other G-7 world leaders is––might be, well, aspirational:

“But we often times talk about is he lying, is he telling the truth, is it in-between––I think a lot of what we just heard is really wishful thinking. You know, it would fit in the category of wishful thinking. Wanting it to be true that he’ll be able to walk in and know based on touch and feel how the negotiation’s going with North Korea. The idea that the relationship with these G-7 allies is a 10. That’s not true, it’s wishful thinking.”

Today Trump said he considers his relationship with G-7 leaders to be at a “10.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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