CNN’s Brian Stelter Says Fox’s Tucker Carlson is ‘Savvy’ to Criticize Trump on Ukraine: ‘Crack in the Fire Wall’


CNN’s Brian Stelter says Fox News host Tucker Carlson mildly criticizing President Donald Trump on Ukraine was “very savvy,” but said it also indicated a “crack in the fire wall.”

“Well, Carlson is very savvy. I think he understands the realty of the state of play, what the president has done here, potentially incriminating himself,” Stelter told Ana Cabrera Saturday on CNN Newsroom. “I think he is trying to reframe the narrative in a way that still helps the president by saying, let’s just get to the election rather than go through an impeachment process.”

Earlier this week, Carlson co-authored an opinion piece with fellow Daily Caller founder Neil Patel criticizing attempts to defend Trump’s controversial call to Ukraine. While criticizing the call, the piece goes on to argue it isn’t impeachable.

“It is a notable crack in the fire wall. Think about Fox News and right-wing media as a firewall for the president. Right now it’s mostly holding up,” Stelter said, pointing to Sean Hannity as another example. “Many GOP lawmakers are taking their cues from what they’re hearing on Carlson’s show and Hannity’s show. Hannity is 100% with the president no matter what.”

“Any crack in that fire wall is an interesting sign that GOP lawmakers will be looking for,” Stelter said.

CNN political analyst Sarah Isgur agreed with Stelter, adding “I think you’ll see more and more on the right, especially within that media environment, preparing for a post-Trump conservative movement.”

“I wonder if President Trump has even thought about the post-Trump,” Cabrera mused.

Watch above, via CNN.

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