CNN’s Brian Stelter Tackles Lewandowski, Says Donna Brazile ‘Embarrassed All of CNN’

stelterCNN’s Brian Stelter today tackled two big media subjects that have led to a lot of critical eyes on his own network: Donna Brazile and Corey Lewandowski.

Brazile’s ties to CNN were officially severed recently after WikiLeaks posted emails revealing she sent at least two questions––one before a town hall, one before a debate––to Team Clinton ahead of time.

Jeff Zucker himself expressed outrage, and on today’s Reliable Sources, Stelter addressed this as he talked about the issue of “dual loyalties.”

All of the panelists were very critical of what Brazile did, and Stelter even went so far as to say Brazile “embarrassed all of CNN.”

WaPo reporter Karen Tumulty pointed out another key problem here: she wasn’t just a surrogate, “she was a partisan with a paycheck from CNN.”

And speaking of which, Stelter also tackled the criticism CNN has received over the role of Corey Lewandowski, especially after Kellyanne Conway‘s “teamwork” photo.

And Stelter, while admitting news networks should reevaluate its relationships with some of its contributors, defended Lewandowski’s hiring a little by saying, “Corey Lewadnwosk makes the broadcasts better, because you learn the Trump point of view from Corey Lewandowski.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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