CNN’s Brian Stelter Trashes Fox News’ Jesse Watters: ‘Bordering on Insulting The Viewers’

CNN host Brian Stelter trashed Fox News host Jesse Watters for complaining that the Ukraine scandal wasn’t “sexy,” with Stelter saying Watters was basically insulting his own viewers.

“Jesse Waters was on The Five saying Americans can’t even find Ukraine on a map. If that is true, put a map on the screen and help people understand. You know, he was bordering on insulting the viewers at home saying this is not a sexy scandal, this is too complicated,” Stelter told CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield on CNN Newsroom Saturday.

Stelter was speaking on conservative media’s response to the ongoing Ukraine scandal, which has pulled President Donald Trump into an impeachment inquiry. Watters argued on The Five Friday night that the impeachment investigation was “boring” and “no one can find Ukraine on a map.”

“I think news outlets are doing a good job trying to explain it. But they shouldn’t give short shrift to the public’s attention span. I think many people are going into this with eyes wide open, very curious about what the Democrats will present on day one,” Stelter said.

Whitfield asked if arguing the scandal is not interesting will be an effective argument.

“Even some commentators on Fox News may not be able to ignore all of the evidence in the days ahead,” Stelter speculated.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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