CNN’s Stelter Says Nielsen Appeared on Tucker to Appeal to Trump: His Show Stirs ‘Hatred of Immigrants’


On the same day as President Donald Trump announced Kirstjen Nielsen was out as Department of Homeland Security Secretary, CNN’s Brian Stelter pointed out that Fox News and others in right-wing media have been pressuring Trump on the immigration issue — and even calling for Nielsen’s firing — for a while now.

He also specifically called out Tucker Carlson‘s show.

Stelter’s remarks were made after host Ana Cabrera noted in recent weeks “it seemed Nielsen wanted to hold on to her job. She was making the rounds on TV.”

Stelter replied that according to new reporting, Nielsen was indeed trying to please Trump by going on Fox News and specifically Carlson’s show.

That is when he noted Carlson’s show was an “opinion show” that stirred up “hatred” on immigration issues.

“Nielsen was on Tucker Carlson’s show the other night talking about this being like a Category 5 hurricane. The situation on the border being like a Category 5 hurricane. She was trying to make that impression, maybe trying to reach the president directly. As we know Carlson’s show is one of these right-wing opinion shows that stirs up hatred of immigrants. So, she chose that show to appear on.”

He then noted that while Nielsen may have chosen Fox News to plead her case to Trump on the air, there has also been a lot of criticism from Fox News regarding Nielsen recently.

As evidence, a clip from Fox News’ Laura Ingraham aired.

“Laura Ingraham sounds in that clip like she’s trying to be the White House communications director,” Stelter said at the end of the clip. “Trying to give the president a message.”

He then noted that Trump has been under pressure from Ingraham and “others on Fox and others in right-wing media.”

The CNN host of Reliable Sources then said this: “The pressure has been there for two and a half years but it’s been ramped up recently. For example a week and a half ago, Lou Dobbs on Fox Business, one of Trump’s favorite hosts, called for him to fire Nielsen. Said the country is in danger of tens of thousands or even millions of Americans being killed by illegal immigrants. The rhetoric on some of these Fox shows is absolutely extreme. But it is what the president is hearing all the time and I think it contributes to his frustration and struggles on this issue.”

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