CNN’s Brianna Keilar Laughs Out Loud at Melania Trump Election Night Nap: ‘There’s Disengaged and Then There’s Asleep!’


CNN’s Brianna Keilar had a good laugh at former First Lady Melania Trump’s expense over a report that Mrs. Trump fell asleep before then-President Donald Trump’s remarks on election night in 2020.

On Tuesday morning’s edition of New Day, Keilar could barely suppress a laugh when she asked CNN commentator S.E. Cupp about the anecdote from Stephanie Grisham’s upcoming book “I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House.”

Keilar called Grisham’s tome a “juicy, juicy book,” and noted “one of the details that we’ve learned of is that Melania Trump was asleep on election night, that she had to be woken up for then-President Trump’s concession speech, non-concession speech. That’s weird. Weird.”

“I don’t know, I imagine I would have wanted to sleep through a lot of that administration and my marriage to Donald Trump, I’m sure she had a headache a lot of nights,” Ms. Cupp cracked, before offering a qualified defense of the erstwhile FLOTUS.

“I’m not going to put her on the couch,” Cupp said. “Was that because she was very secure and confident that he was going to win, or that she knew he wasn’t? I don’t know.”

She went on to add that Mrs. Trump is “just very hard to unfold. But the sleeping through part? I get, I completely get.”

With a laugh, Keilar said “Okay, but there’s disengaged, and then there’s asleep, I mean what? These are two different things.”

Co-anchor John Berman chimed in, at the end, that “There was a lot of that discussion that was like, you know, over my head a little bit, but not really. But thank you very much.”

Keilar laughed and cracked “Were you asleep?”

“Did you have a headache?” Cupp joked.

The false claim of a headache is a well-worn trope for avoiding marital relations, which was likely the source of Berman’s amusement.

Watch above via CNN.

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