CNN’s Brianna Keilar on Trump Presser: ‘Many Falsehoods,’ ‘A Lot of Things That Didn’t Make Sense’


CNN’s Brianna Keilar called President Donald Trump’s press spray Wednesday “head spinning,” pointing out that much of what the president said did not make sense and seemed to backtrack previous statements.

“You’ve been watching President Trump there with a head spinning question and answer session on a number of issues that included many false hoods and frankly a lot of things that didn’t even make sense,” said Keilar.

“After first supporting meaningful background checks for guns he then caved after hearing from the NRA,” detailed Keilar.

Keilar reported that the president called the Danish Prime Minister “nasty” for saying his idea to buy Greenland was absurd, even though it was never for sale, then proceeding to cancel his visit to the US ally.

“Just 24 hours after saying he’s considering a pay roll tax cut to juice an economy that he says is not showing any warning signs, he is now backtracking on that,” Keilar went on. She said Trump said the trade war with China isn’t his but he is the “chosen one to do it,” then recounting Trump doubling down on comments that Jews who don’t vote for him are “disloyal.”

“The only thing he appears to be clear on is his never ending praise for Russia,” said Keilar, “Once again saying the adversary meddling with America’s democracy should be rewarded and invited back into the G-8.”

“The president repeatedly back tracked things he said just yesterday or things he told the NRA chief Wayne LaPierre,” said White House reporter Kaitlin Collins, referring to the fact that yesterday the president said that “we already have very strong background checks” but  today he said he still wanted to move forward with background checks.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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