CNN’s Brianna Keilar Torpedoes Yet Another Donald Trump Adviser

1thumbFormer CNN White House Correspondent and current anchor Brianna Keilar scored what was easily the quote of the week, and what many are calling the quote of this campaign, when she flummoxed Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen with a beautifully simple three-word answer. This weekend, Keilar may have topped herself with another blunt, brutal assessment delivered to a slightly different Donald Trump adviser.

Former Congressman and current Trump adviser Jack Kingston was trying to make the case that Trump is reaching out to black voters when Keilar pumped the brakes, reminding him that Trump delivered those remarks in predominantly white areas. The “highlight” of the clip was almost Kingston’s suggestion that Trump could have achieved a more diverse crowd in an area that had a “backdrop with a burning car,” but Keilar took the title with her response to Kingston’s assertion that Trump’s rally crowd could very well have been a diverse one, who’s to say?

Kingston: Last night in North Carolina, we saw a lot of African-Americans. I wasn’t sure about the crowd content tonight…

Keilar: It was white. We checked.

Kingston: But they’re open to the public, there’s nothing exclusive…

At least Kingston wasn’t struck silent like Cohen was, but maybe he’d have been better off, since all he could manage was to brag that they don’t exclude black people. With scant weeks and months to go until the election, Keilar’s double-whammy is symbolic of a political press whose veneer of neutrality is not just beginning to crack, but to fall away.

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