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CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, Ana Navarro and John Avlon Savage Tucker Carlson and Fox Viewers For Six Minutes

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson has been under fire all day for comments he made on the radio over the years that were unearthed recently by Media Matters. CNN Newsroom was no exception, as anchor Brooke Baldwin, senior political analyst John Avlon, and commentator Ana Navarro tore into him, along with his colleague Jeanine Pirro, on Monday’s show.

Baldwin began by playing the recordings with transcript on screen. When they cut back to her, she placed her head in her hands in dismay and offered a “recap”.

“Okay. Just to recap: The host of Fox’s most coveted time slot insulted women, even called a Supreme Court Justice unattractive, he also suggested underage marriage is not as serious as forcible child rape, calling rape shield laws totally unfair,” said Baldwin. “But like Pirro, he didn’t apologize. He called his words quote, naughty, and instead pushed viewers to tune in tonight.”

Baldwin turned to Avlon and said: “No apologies for the vile rhetoric. Instead the message is tune in. Is that their business model?”

Avlon said “no,” then added, “I think what they’re seeing though is a contagion from the shock and awe business model they’ve done, where it’s play to the base, inflame with anxiety, anger, fear at the other–and it gets them into trouble, because guess what, you’re playing with fire when you play with those forces.”

Avlon said that Pirro’s comments were on the prompter, and Baldwin added that others at Fox had to okay the comments and allow them to go on. Then he said that Tucker Carlson was “making light of, sort of, institutionalized child rape with forced marriages inside a religious cult.”

“Yep,” said Baldwin.

“There’s nothing funny about that,” said Avlon. He said Carlson can be a “charming, funny guy in person” but should be accountable for what he says in public.

Navarro spoke next, saying that she doesn’t believe Carlson can be a charming, funny guy. She also said that “Christian voters and pearl-clutchers” who have “all the trouble when other people do crazy things” should “look at themselves in the mirror” about how they react to Carlson.

“But then again, Brooke, take a look at who the Fox viewers are,” said Navarro. “They listen to, on audio, a Republican candidate, a Republican nominee, say some very vile things and then still voted him in.”

“So I think the standards are different,” she said. “I think they don’t apologize because they don’t feel they have to apologize.”

Baldwin roped in MSNBC, saying they should have to “answer some questions” as well, because Carlson was with that network at the time he made the comments.

Navarro also said that Pirro and Carlson have thrown a “life raft” to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MI) and given the DNC the win on debates.

“Ironically I think they’ve made the case for the Democrats saying we’re not going to give Fox News the debate, a single debate,” she said.

They closed by wryly commenting that their segment will probably appear on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News tonight.

So… just to recap: the CNN crew blasted the Fox News Channel hosts, blasted the Fox News Channel viewers, blasted the Fox News Channel business model, and then said the DNC was right to withhold debates from Fox News Channel. Also they thought MSNBC should share some guilt.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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