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CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Breaks Down as Guest Shares Story Of Family Saying Goodbye To Mother Sick With Coronavirus

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, host of CNN Newsroom, broke down on her show Monday afternoon when a guest recounted her final moments with her mother, who passed away from the coronavirus.

Michelle Bennett, who lost her mother Carol Ann to the coronavirus last week, began the segment by explaining how the family could not be near her in her final moments – and instead had to say good-bye via FaceTime.

“I couldn’t be there, and I said to the nurse, can you please hold her hand, can you rub her hand… like we’re there with her and she said she will not be alone, and we’ll stay with her until the end.”

“And so 10 minutes later we get the phone call for FaceTime and she put it right up to my mother’s face, and I could tell my mom I loved her, and how much I was going to miss her, and as I was finishing saying good-bye and the nurse took the phone back up, I could see the nurse just crying like tears just coming out of her eyes through the mask, I could see it,” Bennett stated.

Baldwin grew emotional while expressing her condolences.

“Do you feel that your mother at least passed in peace?” Bladwin asked

The grieving daughter replied, “I hope so. I know she wasn’t alone. That was the biggest thing for me, it was her not to die alone and the hope that was given by the nurses holding her hand and staying with her until the end, my mom was a nurse for 38 years, probably doing the same for other people. So it is amazing to me that these nurses were able to give back to her in that way.”

Baldwin then began crying while stating, “Love and forgive is a powerful thing. It is not even my own mother. My heart just grieves for you.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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