CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Cracks Up During Report On At-Home Sperm Bank

Welp. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin‘s was tasked with delivering the news of one man’s at-home sperm bank operation, which he does, apparently, in order to “help the 99 percent.” OCCUPYIN’ YA UTERUS! DOWN WITH BIG BANKS, UP WITH SPERM BANKS! CUT THE JUNK, BUY THIS DUDE’S SPUNK!

Satisfied customers include a woman with the misfortune of sharing Cameron Diaz’s iconic hairstyle from There’s Something About Mary. Nonetheless, the Food and Drug Administration is not too happy with Trent Arsenault‘s business venture because it is “skirting” regulations for sperm banks. Arsenault has been threatened with fines and even jail time, but he keeps producing product, completely undaunted.

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The highlight of the two clips below might just be poor Brooke’s struggle not to crack up around the :28 mark. In her defense, “fresh sperm” is not a phrase one often hears on television.

Check it out, via CNN:

h/t Matt Cherette

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