CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Fumes at Trump Praising Himself For Syria Conflict: ‘This is Not a Victory’


CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin was visibly shocked by President Donald Trump effusively praising himself for his response to a conflict in Syria he helped provoke, noting “this is not a victory.”

“First, starting with the Kurds. The president saying that the Kurds are very happy, that civilization is very happy. He just said, what, 24 hours ago that they’re no angels and by our latest reporting 150,000, 160,000 are displaced because of this decision he made after this phone conversation with President Erdogan of Turkey,” Baldwin said.

“Number two for him to come out and say, ‘this is an amazing outcome.’ An amazing outcome? This is total spin. This is not a victory,” she continued on CNN Newsroom Thursday.

CNN reporter Nick Paton Walsh went on to point out that Turkey doesn’t even consider the ceasefire Trump lauded to be an actual ceasefire.

“Well, they’re saying it’s not a ceasefire because you can’t have a ceasefire unless you have two parties agreeing to it and they don’t believe the Syrian Kurds are a legitimate party because they think they’re terrorists. It’s a pause in operations,” Walsh said of Turkey’s response to the news.

Walsh went on to point out there are “glaring holes” in the announced plan.

“This is not an enormous victory for American diplomacy. Partly because we only got here because of a Sunday night call between Donald Trump and President Erdogan in which he withdrew American forces causing this in the first place,” he said.

“The moment we’re in now, President Trump is heralding the great leadership of President Erdogan, whose economy he threatened to obliterate. He’s been so mixed in his message about the Syrian Kurds, who he frankly said were worst terrorists than ISIS. That’s a Turkish talking point. This is a pause that maybe all sides might choose to take advantage of, but so much can go wrong,” Walsh said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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