CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Gives Impassioned Commentary on Ford Testimony: ‘Pivotal Moment in American History’

In an emotional closing moment, CNN host Brooke Baldwin gave a raw account of why Christine Blasey Ford‘s testimony on Thursday was such a pivotal moment in American history not just for women and those who have been victims of sexual assault but for the entire nation.

“I want to mark this pivotal moment in American history when sexual assault, something that doesn’t often elicit more than a shameful whisper, is thrust into the open on national television,” Baldwin began, noting the pain and struggle on Ford’s face.

Baldwin then recalled how much of an impact Ford’s testimony had on millions of viewers from across the country.

“I saw women here at work in tears,” she said, noting that the story has reopened “deep, painful wounds.”

She noted her colleagues were far from alone in their reactions. Callers flooded C-SPAN to share their own stories, including a 76-year-old woman who recalled the pain of being sexually molested.

Baldwin then underscored why the day mattered so much.

“We all have our stories. Despite drink, waking up on the cold tiles of a hotel bathroom floor, the uncertainty, the shame, the thought, I must have somehow brought this on myself,” Baldwin said. “The silence, distrust and invalidation. This is a pivotal moment in America for all of us. This matters. This moment is bigger than politics. It’s about mothers and fathers raising boys to become men.”

She then concluded: “What good comes of all of this? What are we going to learn? It’s a generational opportunity to better ourselves and how we relate to each other as women and men. This matters the most.”

Watch above, via CNN

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