CNN’s Brooke Baldwin: Trump Officials Literally Congratulating Him for ‘Caving On His Own Policy’


CNN’s Brooke Baldwin had this curt analysis of a scene from the Oval Office that she said she just can’t get out of her head: “This is not normal.”

Baldwin was referring to the scene after Trump signed the Executive Order on family separation at the White House on Wednesday.

As Baldwin noted, “The President of the United States holding this event inside the world’s most famous office to sign an order he didn’t need to…To sign a border to quote, unquote ‘fix the very problem on only he and his administration created.'”

She then pointed out Trump was made out to be a “hero” by those standing next to him at the signing.

She then aired Oval Office footage of Kirstjen Nielsen, Director of Homeland Security thanking Trump for his leadership claiming the problem went on for decades until Trump was willing to “stand up to fix it.”

Vice-President Mike Pence, who was standing on POTUS’s right side then chimed in, then added Trump has made it possible to “continue to enforce the law” against those who enter the country illegally.

“They literally held an event to congratulate him [Trump] for caving on his own policy,” an incredulous Baldwin remarked at the end of the Oval Office footage before noting that in addition on Nielson and Pence, Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump also joined in on the praise.

Watch above, via CNN.

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