CNN’s Burnett Presses Scaramucci on Trump’s Maxine Waters Feud: ‘You Don’t See That as a Threat?’


CNN’s Erin Burnett raked Anthony Scaramucci across the coals on Monday over the feud between President Donald Trump and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) — as well as the overall decline of civility in America.

The ex-White House communications director said he regrets the increased partisan hostilities across the country as of late, but said the president probably won’t ever change the way he fights his battles, and Waters is creating more public anger while refusing to be held accountable. Burnett noted that the outrage comes from both sides, noting that Trump called Waters an “extraordinary low IQ person,” claimed she threatened harm on his supporters, and then made implicit threats against the congresswoman.

“Are you willing to call the president out and say that’s not acceptable?” Burnett asked.

The Mooch partially acquiesced. But Burnett continued to question him when he tried to rationalize Trump’s tweet by saying he’s trying to mobilize his base by counterpunching against the media and his political opponents.

“So he just doesn’t care?” Burnett asked. “He doesn’t care about doing the right thing? He doesn’t care about elevating the conversation?”

Scaramucci said he wishes Trump would take the high road more often so there could more conversations about his accomplishments, though Burnett noted that Trump doesn’t seem to heading in that direction any time soon. When the conversation moved towards the part of Trump’s tweet that has been taken as a threat to Waters, Scaramucci noted the elevating hostile rhetoric around the country, but Burnett inquired again when he said he disagreed about it being a threat.

“You don’t see that as a threat?”

Watch his response above, via CNN.

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