CNN’s Burnett to Dem Sen: Did You Hear About Embassy Threat at Briefing ‘Or Did You Learn It From Fox News?’


CNN’s Erin Burnett pressed Senator Maggie Hassan (D- NH) on what intel was shared with senators at the Iran briefing this week. Democrats were critical of the briefing, but there was also serious criticism from a few Republicans like Mike Lee.

Today President Donald Trump said in an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham that the intel included information that there were threats of attacks on four embassies. Burnett asked Hassan if that’s something she was aware of before the president’s public comments.

Hassan did not directly answer, but said, “The briefing and now the lack of consistency from the administration just has been begging more questions than it is answering. We need to have additional briefings from the national security team so that we can drill down on the intelligence. As you know, the briefing was interrupted well before we all got a chance to ask the questions that would have helped us understand the full picture. And we need a strategy from this administration.”

Burnett again asked, “So, did they give you any? Did they tell you there’s four embassies or three embassies or two embassies or one embassy or anything about the plot? Did you have any of this information or did you learn it from Fox News?”

“I’m not going to discuss details of what I’ve heard in a classified briefing,” Hassan said, “but I am going to say there has been this evolving, contradictory set of stories which again speaks to not only the need for us to have a full briefing but it speaks to the importance of having a full fledged debate about the War Powers Act.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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