CNN’s Camerota Battles Michael Caputo on Trump’s ‘Blame America Tour’: Why Did He Insult the US?


Former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo faced a lengthy grilling from CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on New Day Monday morning, over everything from the president’s “blame America tour” to the FISA warrant obtained to surveil Carter Page.

Caputo started off by pointing out that Trump’s Helsinki disaster “is one of those rare occasions where I break with the president,” before blaming Trump’s “opposition” for his inability to condemn Russia.

Camerota pointed out that Trump “insulted the U.S. on the world stage as he stood next to Vladimir Putin,” and Caputo argued that the president was merely “expressing his distrust for the American intelligence organizations that tried to stop him from being president, and are trying to remove him today.”

Caputo tried to steer the conversation to the FISA warrant applications to surveil Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, but Camerota pushed back.

“You’re not answering my question,” she said. “Why did he stand on the world stage and insult America?”

“I believe that you’re wringing your hands about something that’s not true,” Caputo said, before conflating Russian meddling and allegations of collusion by claiming that Trump was referring to intelligence agencies trying to “run him out of office.”

The two continued to spar, with Camerota noting that right-wing media slammed Obama for his supposed overseas “apology tour.”

“Do you think that Trump was on something of a ‘blame America tour’ a week ago?” she asked. “What’s the difference?”

Caputo said that while he disagrees with what Trump said, he also doesn’t “agree with the congressmen, senators, political hacks who were beating him up while he was on his way over there.”

In the second half of the interview, Caputo railed about the FISA warrant to surveil Page, as Camerota worked to pierce through the noise:

Watch above, via CNN.

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