CNN’s Camerota Defends Biden Over Plagiarism Charge: ‘Don’t You Go to the Experts…and Lift Some of Their Terminology?’

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and John Berman ostensibly defended Joe Biden on Wednesday amid accusations that the former vice-president plagiarized multiple parts of his newly-announced climate change platform.

As New Day held discussions on how the Biden Campaign added citations to their proposal after progressive activists noted that several portions were lifted word for word, Joshua Green noted that Biden has been caught in plagiarism scandals before, which led to the ex-veep dropping a run for president back in 1987. Green continued to liken Biden’s 2020 run to “a walk through a minefield,” but Berman figured that Democrats will probably defend Biden by saying President Donald Trump has gotten away with far worse transgressions.

“Don’t you go to the experts – to the experts’ website – and lift some of their terminology and put it into your work?” Camerota asked.

“That’s a footnote,” Berman answered, and Camerota eventually conceded that its plagiarism when information isn’t cited.

The Biden campaign quickly addressed the inappropriate citation, claiming it was an oversight and properly cited the specific quotes immediately after coming to light.

Watch above, via CNN.

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