CNN’s Camerota Grills Avenatti on How Much Money Stormy Daniels Would Take to ‘Go Away’


CNN’s Alisyn Camerota interviewed lawyer Michael Avenatti on Friday, and she grilled him to find out what exactly Stormy Daniels is trying to get out of her lawsuit against Michael Cohen and President Donald Trump.

As they talked about Avenatti’s rejected motion to depose the president, Camerota asked whether the attorney would take new action or “tease” new evidence to support his case. Camerota focused on the latter when she noted how Avenatti tweeted a picture of a mysterious DVD before his client appeared on 60 Minutes, but no one really knows what evidence it may have.

Avenatti insisted things were going according to plan and that he hasn’t been dodging questions about the case, but Camerota stayed on target and said eventually he’d have to produce evidence to establish the connection between Daniels and Trump.

“What is your evidence that there was an affair?” Camerota asked. “At some point, you have to actually cough up something.”

As Camerota noted that evidence would be necessary to prove that Cohen’s $130,000 hush money payment was a violation of campaign finance law, she eventually asked “what do you want from President Trump?”

Avenatti insisted that he and Daniels are interested in the truth instead of money, but she kept asking if “there is no number that you and Stormy Daniels would take from Michael Cohen for the president to make this go away?”

Avenatti answered that there was no amount of cash that would dissuade him from pursuing the truth, which prompted Camerota to ask if he and Daniels would be alright if Trump just apologized over the controversy.

You can see Avenatti’s response in the video above, via CNN.

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