CNN’s Camerota Pummels Matt Schlapp on Unproven ‘SpyGate’ Claim: ‘You’re Not Answering My Question’


CNN’s Alisyn Camerota collided with ACU chairman Matt Schlapp Wednesday when she grilled him on the absence of proof for President Trump‘s claims that the FBI spied on his 2016 campaign.

Camerota cut right to the chase by asking Schlapp if Trump is damaging America’s institutions with his “Spy Gate” claims and previous ravings about how the election (which he won) was rigged against him.

Schlapp said he still believes the FBI planted a spy in Trump’s campaign, and when Camerota asked him if he could prove that, he cited “people in Republican politics because this spy has Republican ties who know him, that he has been hired to do dirty tricks in past political campaigns.”

The conversation heated up when Camerota pushed back on Schlapp’s argument that the Obama Administration failed to brief the Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns on Russia’s actions.

When Camerota pressed Schlapp on whether he was trying the muddy the water on whether the FBI used a “spy” or an “informant,” the two continued to trade blows over the FBI’s efforts to investigate George Papadopoulos and other elements of Trump’s campaign with suspicious ties to Russia.

“You don’t want the FBI to look into that,” Camerota asked. “What did you want the FBI to do when they got that information from the Australian diplomat, ignore it?”

Schlapp spun the conversation toward the FBI’s supposed double standard in favor of Clinton, and Camerota eventually scolded him by saying “you’re not answering my question” about what the FBI was supposed to do about a possible Russian stooge.

The two continued to spar when the CNN host brought up Trey Gowdy and other GOP officials who have seen the classified information on the FBI’s 2016 activities, but said there was no “smoking gun” proving anything inappropriate.

Watch above, via CNN.

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