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CNN’s Carol Costello Calls Trump ‘A Joke’ In Discussion Defending Obama On Birther Claims

CNN tends to shy away from dripping sarcasm and heavy-handed writing, but that didn’t stop Carol Costello from calling Donald Trump “a joke” in a “Talk Back” segment dealing with Trump’s recent comments about President Obama’s birth–and his own. “In the 2012 presidential election, at least one potential candidate is shaping up to be a joke. It’s likely the economy will still be struggling and we’ll be at war in at least two countries, but what do we get? Donald Trump.”

Costello, alerting viewers that “Donald Trump is not likely to become president, despite what the polls say,” asks “is it time to fire Donald Trump, right out of the political arena?”

Later, in a discussion with CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux, Costello dismissed the “joke” candidate’s comments about the president’s childhood, including Trump’s suggestion that “nobody” remembered him from his school days. Malveaux said she’d interviewed people who did, in fact, remember the president.

Costello called the Trump comments “ridiculous” and proceeded to mock Trump’s release this week of a birth document from Jamaica Hospital. “Mr. Trump proudly presented what he thought was his own birth certificate, except, it wasn’t. It was a hospital birthing record. Oops.” Costello fails to mention that Trump did, in fact, release his birth certificate yesterday. Oops?

Watch it here, from CNN:

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