CNN’s Charlie Dent Rips Sean Duffy Over GOP Prosperity Under Trump: ‘Republicans are Getting Wiped Out!’


CNN commentator Sean Duffy hasn’t been with the network for very long, and yet, it seems he has already found something of a personal nemesis in Charlie Dent. Both are former Republican congressmen with very different opinions about President Donald Trump’s impact on the country, and they’ve sparred on that subject multiple times in the last two months.

On Thursday, the two of them fought it out again as they debated whether Trump is really politically beneficial for the GOP.

The conversation on New Day started with Duffy dismissing concerns about Rudy Giuliani, saying “I really don’t” care that the president’s lawyer is traveling in Ukraine in the middle of the impeachment firestorm. As the discussion continued with a debate on whether Giuliani is a liability for Trump in the Ukraine scandal, Dent said there was “plenty of evidence” against Trump on Ukraine, saying “of course there was a quid pro quo. Of course, they were misusing their office to investigate an opponent. This is so blatantly obvious to anybody who can see.”

Duffy retorted that impeachment has not gained public support, and “Republicans are more angry than ever, more motivated than ever to actually go out and support President Trump.” Dent countered that numerous Republicans are “very frustrated” and “angry” with Trump’s antics, which led to a collision with Duffy as he said the GOP remains energized behind the president.

“Talk to the ones who just lost their elections,” Dent said. “It’s easier to be unified when you’re in the minority, that’s the first thing. Second thing is we ought to be talking to former colleagues who lost their election. Ask them how this Trump presidency helped them in their re-election. It didn’t. They lost because of him.”

The two of them continued to duke it out with Dent saying Democrats are endangering their House majority with the impeachment inquiry. “Oh, come on” Dent shrugged as they disputed whether impeachment is causing a major political shift in swing states.

“What part of 2017, ‘18, and ‘19 have you missed?” Dent asked Duffy. “In the most critical areas of Pennsylvania for Republicans, Republicans have been getting wiped out in the suburban counties of Philadelphia and up in my area. We are seeing heavy losses. We are bleeding badly. We are losing areas we have always won…The point is it’s been a tough three years. You seem to think, hey, it’s all going to be better in 2020. The president is a base motivator for the Democrats. Their turnouts have been elevated.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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