CNN’s Chris Cillizza Doubles Down on Bernie Sanders Criticism: ‘Elizabeth Warren is On the Record Saying This Happened’


During a Wednesday morning appearance on New Day, CNN Political Analyst Chris Cillizza did nothing to disabuse the widely held belief among Bernie Sanders’ supporters that corporate media entities (such as CNN) have an aggressive bias against the Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful.

Cillizza listed Sanders as a loser of the last debate before the Iowa caucus and cited the controversial debate moment in which Sanders denied the claim made by Elizabeth Warren that he said during a private dinner in 2018 that a woman could not be elected president.

Sanders vehemently denied that claim and cited numerous examples of why it made no sense, though Warren’s follow up by moderator Abby Phillip completely ignored the denial and treated Warren’s claim as absolute truth which drew broad criticism from across the political spectrum. (Watch the exchange here.)

In Cillizza’s view, Sander’s denial didn’t strike the right tone. “I didn’t think his answer vis-a-vis Elizabeth Warren and what he said in that conversation was good,” he said, adding “He was dismissive. ‘I didn’t say it. Everybody knows I didn’t say it. We don’t need to talk about it.'”

Co-anchor Alisyn Camerota pushed back, asking “if he didn’t say it, what’s he supposed to say?”

A suddenly flummoxed Cillizza seemed to be caught off guard by this very basic question but seemed to echo the position of his CNN cohort Phillp by doubling down on Warren’s claim.

“Elizabeth Warren is on the record saying this happened,” he said, adding “I just think you have to handle it more delicately given their relationship, given where we are culturally to say, look. I respect what Senator Warren says,” before explaining that Sanders was a loser because his tone was off.

Watch above via CNN.

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