CNN’s Chris Cillizza: Trump Reaches ‘Another Low’ By Comparing Death Counts in Puerto Rico

President Donald Trump made a trip to Puerto Rico today to survey the damage of Hurricane Maria, meet some of the victims, and discuss with officials the recovery and relief efforts. During his visit, the president told Puerto Rico it was putting the budget out of whack, compared death counts with “real catastrophe” Katrina, and tossed paper towels into a crowd of people.

Trump’s comments about the budget and death counts were immediately slammed by many journalists and pundits on social media. And it appears that even one of the most down-the-middle talking heads on cable news had a strong reaction to Trump’s Puerto Rican visit.

Appearing on CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin this afternoon, CNN politics reporter Chris Cillizza was asked to respond to Trump bringing up body counts while talking to the Puerto Rican governor.

“The clip you played, Brooke, is pretty damning,” he said to host Brooke Baldwin. “There’s so much in that. There’s 13 minutes of video and audio there. He talks about how the weather is usually so great in Puerto Rico.”

Cillizza added that footage of Trump throwing food and paper towels to hurricane victims made the president look like a “dime-store Santa Claus” before stating that what we witnessed from Trump might represent the bottom of the barrel for his presidency.

“I mean, this is — even for Donald Trump who is a breaker of political convention, who is, I think, defining the presidency downward in many ways, this is––I hesitate to say a new low, but this is another low,” he noted. “And I would urge folks if they have the time to watch the 13 minutes, we have it on, watch all of it. And you can hear and see for yourselves what I’m talking about.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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