CNN’s Chris Cuomo: No GOP Lawmakers Would Come On To Defend Comey Firing


CNN’s Chris Cuomo disclosed on Monday that his New Day program tried to book Republican members of Congress who would defend President Donald Trump‘s firing of FBI Director James Comey, but none would appear.

“It’s worthy of note…on the Republican side, we invited all of the Republican leadership, you hear me?” Cuomo said. “We tried to get dozens of different Republican lawmakers to come on the show. And often, we are often chock full, but not right now.”

The anchor turned to David Gregory and contended, “Yes, it is a pickle the President has put his party in here; but that’s what leadership is about, right? And if you choose to ignore, you are, in effect, empowering whatever you ignore.”

Gregory replied by underlining,”I think it’s demeaning to reduce this conversation and this controversy to partisan politics; and allowing a conversation to unfold that oh, well, the Democrats are being hypocrites because they wanted Comey out all along. Come on. I mean, let’s focus on what was done here. They made up a reason to get rid of Comey…and they did it in the middle of this Russia investigation.”

The former NBC journalist later asserted that “Republican leaders are missing something, if they don’t go to him and say, look, you are endangering everything that you said you cared about and we care about.”

He cited the President’s “failure of leadership” on health care legislation and tax reform, as well GOP congressional leaders’ “failure to confront Trump and say, look, you’re not going get the big things that everybody expects because you cannot get out of your own way.”

Watch Cuomo’s revelation and Gregory’s remarks above, via CNN.

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