CNN’s Chris Cuomo Reacts to Rodman Outburst: ‘Thank God It Wasn’t in Person’

New Day host Chris Cuomo found himself in a combative interview with Dennis Rodman Tuesday morning after he asked the former NBA player if he planned to pressure Kim Jong-un to released imprisoned American Kenneth Bae while in North Korea this week. Once temperatures had cooled, Cuomo went back on CNN this afternoon to discuss Rodman’s bizarre outburst.

Cuomo said he doesn’t know if Rodman truly understands the controversy surrounding Bae’s imprisonment and is not sure it that really matters. “For me, Dennis Rodman is only relevant in as much as, for whatever weird, bizarre, unknown reason, he seems to have the ear of the ruler of North Korea in a way that no other branch of the United States diplomatic corps does,” Cuomo said.

When CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux asked him if he has plans to meet Rodman in person upon his return to the U.S. in order to make amends, Cuomo resisted the idea. “He would kill me. Do you see the size of that guy? Did you see how angry he was?” he asked. “Thank God it wasn’t in person. I don’t even know what I would look like right now.”

Watch video below, via CNN:

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