CNN’s Chris Cuomo Slaps Down Trump’s Google Bias Claims: ‘Devoid of Any Fact’


CNN host Chris Cuomo slapped down Donald Trump’s claims that the search engine Google is biased against him, as he called the president’s commentary on the subject “almost completely devoid of any fact.”

Cuomo was responding to Trump’s latest conspiracy theory, which the president pushed this morning via his Twitter account after he apparently watched a Fox News segment on the matter.

Cuomo, who said Trump’s attacks against Google are “a new way to avoid McCain’s legacy and Mueller’s reach,” called the president’s claims “more feeling than fact.”

“It’s actually almost completely devoid of any fact of apparent insight, but then what do we learn?” Cumo said. “It was on Fox last night, and the president tweeted just this morning. What a coinkydink.”

He continued:

“The charge is when you Google Trump, it shows if you look for Trump news, it shows mostly negative results… The basis for the Fox frenzy is a lone article from P.J. Media, a conservative website, but what a headline they put out. ‘96% of Google search results for Trump news are from liberal media outlets.’ But if you read past that, the methodology, meh. The writer typed Trump news into Google on a bunch of computers and most of the results were negative.”

The CNN host went on to note that the article claims “CBS, Reuters, and CNN” are “niche agenda drivers.”

“I can tell you for free that this whole deal this morning was as much about distraction as it is about discovery of a pernicious practice by Google,” the host concluded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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