CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Raves About Trump’s Day With Royal Family: ‘Warm and Highly Well Received’

Who says CNN’s coverage of President Donald Trump is exclusively negative and “fake news”?

CNN International host Christiane Amanpour appeared on AC360 Monday night and responded to guest host John Berman’s question about how Trump’s first day of visiting London was going.

Amanpour ostensibly raved about the visit telling Berman “To be the honest with you the day has gone so well for President Trump and his host here there seems to be absolutely no outward semblance of any discomfort or anything other than a really warm and highly well received in terms of who he met and the royal family visit so far.”

CNN airing such positive reviews of President Trump may come as a shock to Trump’s most loyal Twitter followers who read yesterday that, in the President’s esteem, there should be a boycott parent company AT&T because of CNN’s “fake news” coverage of his administration.

But Amanpour struck a very different note than what Trump and his supporters might expect, giving rave reviews of the relationship between the Queen and President Trump.

“The last public event of the day was the state banquet at Buckingham Palace,” she continued, adding “The pictures in there were just stunning, superb. It’s the kind of environment that the president we have learned to know enjoyed. It was the kind of reception that he enjoys.”

Watch above via CNN.


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