CNN’s Cuomo Pummels Sarah Sanders on Refusal to Answer Questions: ‘It Hurts Your Credibility’

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On Thursday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders defended both her credibility and her decision to repeatedly deflect “real” questions about President Donald Trump and the Russian probe.

“It’s a real investigation. We see real indictments and lots of different threads to this story. But I understand that spin. The credibility of it matters,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo grilled, pressing her on why questions were not being answered. “Common sense tells you, that can’t be. And how do we know? Because it wasn’t. Sekulow changed his story. The letter came out, only when exposed. Why wasn’t this story changed sooner?”

Sanders answered the questions about her deflections by deflecting once again.

“Again, that’s a question you would have to ask the outside counsel. I’m not going to have a legal conversation with you here. If you want to talk about issues again that matter to the American people, I’m happy to do that,” she replied.

“You really don’t think this matters to the American people?” Cuomo pressed.

“I’ve answered this question multiple times. And no matter how many times I answer it for you, it’s not going to change. It’s the same one,” Sanders replied.

Then after Cuomo suggested it must be frustrating to not be able to answer questions, she replied, “We are purposefully walling ourselves off and allowing the outside counsel to do their job.”

Cuomo then noted he gave her lots of times to speak out and not just dodge.

“I wanted to give you a lot of chances at it, because I think it matters,” Cuomo said. “I think it hurts your credibility. I think it hurts the dynamic. But I gave you the opportunities, you made of them what you wanted, all right?”

In response, Sanders said this: “I’m very comfortable with my credibility and the fact that I think by sitting here right now and taking questions from you shows the type of person I am.”

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