CNN’s Dana Bash Eviscerates Trump For Accusing PBS Reporter of Racist Question: ‘I Don’t Even Know Where to Start’


During a CNN panel on Donald Trump’s attacks against Jim Acosta and other reporters today, the network’s political correspondent Dana Bash called out the president for claiming a question about his embrace of nationalism is racist.

“The president not once not twice but three times said an African-American reporter’s question — legitimate question — about his use of the word nationalism, his embracing of that concept, that questioning that is racist, I don’t even know where to start with that,” Bash said, hours after Trump’s aggressive White House presser that included yet another confrontation between him and Acosta.

Bash continued:

“It makes no sense at all. The term nationalism, anybody who has studied it for more than five minutes has an understanding that of course there are racial not just tinges to it, there’s a racial bent to it. It is and has been used in a very racist way. Whether he knew it or not, he should have known it. And then by making it worse in calling an African-American reporter basically racist.”

Another panelist chimed in to say “that’s how he plays,” referring to how Trump told a reporter to “sit down” while he was talking to another “gentleman” after she asked him questions.

Earlier in the segment, CNN anchor Jake Tapper explained that it “is our job to ask these questions.”

“We’re supposed to bring [questions] to the president. The president’s response was to personally, personally attack Jim Acosta,” he said. “This is the president of the United States, all right. We’re not on equal footing. The president is way up here, individual reporters are way down here.”

In classic Tapper-fashion, the reporter was quick to note that he believes the media had the same journalistic approach to covering previous presidents, including Democrats.

“The idea that CNN is putting out a statement like that is great and what I like about it the most is they’re not just standing up for Acosta, they’re talking about everybody in that room,” he concluded.

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