CNN’s Dana Bash: GOP Congress ‘Let a Lot of Things Slide’ Under Trump


While discussing how the White House might play with a new, Democratic controlled House, CNN hosts Dana Bash and Jake Tapper accused Republicans of lettings “things slide” under President Donald Trump and have not provided ethical oversight.

“Let’s just be frank, the Republicans, as they have been in charge of the house, they’ve let a lot of things slide, I would venture to say most things slide,” Bash said on CNN’s election coverage tonight.

“They’ve conducted no oversight,” Tapper chimed in. “There’s been no oversight.”

Bash gave the GOP credit for acting in “a few instances where they ended up forcing resignations of cabinet members like their former colleague, the Secretary Price.”

“But for the most part, you’re it’s been almost nonexistent,” she added. “The thing that I’m thinking about right now is when CNN had a CNN citizen event a couple weeks ago and [Rep.] Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] said not only would they have subpoena power, she could use it as leverage for other issues. Remember that.”

Earlier in the segment, Tapper noted that if Democrats flip the House and special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election meddling finds dirt on the administration, Republicans can no longer protect him from impeachment.

“IF the Mueller investigation comes down and there are impeachable offenses in there theoretically or even ones that can be discussed, you now have a branch of Congress that is going to potentially hold hearings if not actually vote to impeach President Trump,” he said.

Several outlets, including Fox News, have already called the House for Democrats, which is the expected outcome of the night.

Watch above, via CNN.

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