CNN’s David Chalian Repeatedly Calls GOP Victory In Texas Hispanic-Majority District ‘A Warning Sign For Democrats’


CNN political director David Chalian repeatedly called the Republican Party victory on Tuesday in the special election in Texas’ 34th Congressional District “a warning sign for Democrats.”

Republican Mayra Flores won the race over Democrat Dan Sanchez to become the first Mexican-born woman elected to Congress. She will succeed Filemon Vela Jr., a Democrat, who took a job in the private sector.

Appearing on CNN Newsroom, Chalian described the significance of the election:

I think this race is important to pay attention to. It’s down here in the Brownsville area of Texas, down in the Rio Grande Valley. Mayra Flores, a Republican, wins this race. It’s a special election. This was a Democratic-held seat. This district is one Joe Biden won it by four points in 2020. The Democratic congressman left Congress to become a lobbyist.

The special election now produces a flip for Republicans. Nancy Pelosi’s Democartic majority in the House shrunk by one seat in advance of this tough midterm cycle. The thing that’s key to watch here … we talk about it all the time: Republicans have been making inroads specifically with Latino voters. Very heavily Latino district here. And this is a warning sign to Democrats. That in a Biden district, heavily Latino, Republicans were able to make gains here. Now come November the lines are redrawn, this district is likely to be more Democratic. But for the moment, a warning sign for Democrats about their relationship with Latino voters given this economy.

Watch above, via CNN.

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