CNN’s David Chalian Slams Sarah Sanders: ‘Am I Not Supposed to Believe My Lying Eyes?’


Following today’s White House press briefing in which White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed the recent report that President Donald Trump dictated the initial statement given in response to the Donald Trump Jr. Russian meeting story, CNN political director David Chalian tore into Sanders.

With Sanders stating that Trump did what any father would have done and that the statement was true while also claiming the latest report was largely false — yet simultaneously stating that Trump “weighed in” on the statement — Chalian observed that this could be one of Sanders’ worst trips to the podium.

“This may have been one of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ most troubling appearances in the press briefing room and you can hear it from the reaction of the entire press corps when she’s delivering and they’re jumping in,” he stated. “Because they are failing at PR 101 here of actually marshaling all the facts and putting them out and getting their stories straight.”

After pointing out that the answers she gave raised more questions, he went after the press secretary for her declaration that the first statement on Don Jr. was true despite the fact that revised statements were given as more revelations came out.

“So, to just say that that statement was 100% accurate and correct when we know it is not the full story, is, again, it’s like, am I not supposed to believe my lying eyes?” Chalian exclaimed. “I don’t understand who she’s trying to convince that that was a full and accurate statement.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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