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CNN’s David Chalian: ‘The Ballgame’s Over,’ Collins and Flake Comments Signal Kavanaugh is a Court Lock

The way CNN political director David Chalian sees it, there’s no way Brett Kavanaugh isn’t confirmed to the Supreme Court now.

In a panel discussion with Kate Boulduan and Josh Campbell , Chalian said Kavanaugh’s confirmation is almost a certainty now that Senate swing voters Susan Collins (R-ME) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) have expressed approval for the FBI’s investigation on Kavanaugh.

“I think the ballgame is over,” Chalian said. “Susan Collins’s statement is a hugely significant moment, because the entire argument from the Democratic side about the investigation was that it wasn’t thorough, that it wasn’t complete.”

While Chalian admitted that no one really knows her vote yet, he explained how the statements from Collins make it extremely unlikely that they’ll surprise anyone with a “no” vote.

Flake said the FBI report contained “no additional corroborating information” to support the Kavanaugh sexual misconduct allegations, and Collins also referred to the report as “very thorough.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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