CNN’s David Gergen: Trump ‘Deserves Credit’ for Troop Visit in Iraq

On Wednesday, David Gergen, former presidential advisor under four presidents and CNN political analyst, offered a rare bit of praise for President Donald Trump in light of his decision to visit the troops in Iraq.

“David, the president faced a lot of criticism for not visiting troops until now in a combat zone, since becoming commander-in-chief, obviously,” CNN’s Kate Bolduan, filling in for Erin Burnett, asked. “One part of that criticism was that he’s making these policy decisions without seeing it firsthand. So does this trip quiet that criticism?”

Gergen replied that Trump deserves the credit due for his visit.

“I think it will quiet some of it, not all,” Gergen replied. “Some of the critics will carp that he only stayed on the ground three hours… But overall, I think the president deserves credit for going.”

He then continued on, “We’ve been hammering him almost every night on various things. When he does something right, we should say so. This is very much a tradition for presidents, it goes all the way back to Lincoln who liked to visit the battlefield.”

Gergen then added: “It’s a good thing President Trump did go.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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