CNN’s David Gregory: Michael Cohen Came Across as Too Partisan

CNN’s big panel covering the Michael Cohen hearing Wednesday tackled whether the former Trump lawyer is coming across as too partisan.

They first debated the strange moment when Rep. Mark Meadows brought on HUD official and Trump ally Lynne Patton to demonstrate that the president can’t possibly be a racist.

Nia-Malika Henderson called it “bizarre” and said, “The only time I think that they tried to defend Donald Trump, it failed miserably. It was an idiotic thing to do.”

Jeffrey Toobin dryly added, “It may be that the president liked both Green Book and Driving Miss Daisy.”

David Gregory then said he thought Cohen seemed too partisan:

“This is where Cohen mistakenly fell into the trap of staying in this box of partisanship, because he did seem partisan in his opening statement. I think he really kind of crossed that line.”

Gloria Borger agreed he “went overboard,” and John King added that just the image of Lanny Davis behind Cohen “is going to allow every host on Fox News to say ‘the Clintons.'”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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