CNN’s David Urban Stopped Cold Over Mulvaney’s Quid Pro Quo Comments: ‘Got No Answer For That’


CNN conservative commentator David Urban had a heated clash with his fellow panelists on Thursday as they broke down the Ukraine scandal and the last testimony before the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry.

As Urban was on for a CNN panel reaction to the testimonies of Fiona Hill and David Holmes, he disputed with Chris Cuomo on whether the Office of Management and Budget knew Trump withheld aid to Ukraine because he wanted them to publicly commit to the investigations he wanted. As the two of them fought over the Trump administration ordering possible impeachment witnesses to not testify, Urban challenged Cuomo by saying “show me the direct testimony where somebody said the president told me to withhold aid, Mick Mulvaney told me to withhold aid.”

CNN legal analyst Laura Coates jumped in to call Urban’s argument “disingenuous,” saying “you cannot require somebody to prove something with information that you explicitly withhold.” She noted that Gordon Sondland told Congress he would’ve been able to give more complete testimony if he had access to some of the relevant materials to the Ukraine quid pro quo.

“You’re telling me not one person in this chain, that all these people have testified that said I talked to Mick Mulvaney? Urban responded. “Not one person has testified to that yet. I would think that if this firsthand witness testimony is coming forward about the president told me to withhold aid, it has to be transmitted to somebody.”

That’s when John King reminded Urban that Mulvaney admitted to a quid pro quo in the White House briefing room and then tried to walk it back.

“Mick Mulvaney has to testify for himself,” Urban answered, to which, Cuomo told him “They won’t let him testify, David.”

“I hear what he said,” Urban responded. “I’ve got no answer for that.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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