Goldie Taylor On GOP Race Controversies: ‘These Are Absolutely Planned, Seeded, On-Purpose Stuff’


On Sunday’s CNN Newsroom, host Don Lemon spoke with political analyst Goldie Taylor about recent racially-insensitive incidents among several GOP candidates. “Let’s be clear, these are not stumbles or miscues, these are absolutely planned, seeded, on-purpose stuff,” Taylor exclaimed.

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“There are people out there who will say that you and I are more sensitive because we happen to be African-American,” Lemon said to Taylor.

Taylor said race didn’t make a difference. “This is a human rights issue,” Taylor opined. “So whether you’re black, brown, white, you know, asian, or gay, lesbian, straight, this is a human rights issue.

Lemon then played the clip of Rick Santorum explaining how he didn’t say he didn’t want to make “black peoples” lives better. The two gave a deadpanned paused, then completely cracked up.

“This is a result of running with scissors!” Taylor quipped.

“The narrative that seems to be coming out of this GOP field seems to be that we don’t want to give our hard earned dollars to people who don’t work — to people who are lazy, to people who are, you know, involved in criminal behavior, to other people who have not earned what we have earned. That seems to be what Newt Gingrich is saying. That seems to be what Ron Paul has been saying. It certainly seems to be what our friend, Rick Santorum was saying on that tape. If he didn’t get the rest of the word out, I’m still not giving him a discount.”

Watch Lemon and Taylor criticize some of the GOP candidates on race issues below via CNN:

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