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CNN’s Don Lemon Discusses ‘The Down Low’: ‘Black Community Needs To Get Over It’

In an interview with HLN’s Joy Behar Monday night, CNN’s Don Lemon talked about his decision to come out as a gay man–a decision that comes ahead of the release of Lemon’s book about his life–saying he’s not concerned about the move’s possible impact on his career. “If there’s not enough room for a gay anchor, a gay black anchor…then my career will transform into something else.”

Lemon, who urged other public figures, including news anchors, to come out, said “it would be great” but they have to follow their own hearts.

Asked by Behar about the “down low,” a term used to describe a subculture in the black community where men identify as straight but have sex with men, Lemon said “I don’t really know about the down low because I haven’t played that game. I know of it.” Lemon said the down low persists because of significant bias against gay men in the black church, black families and elsewhere. “It’s because, in black culture, the worst thing you can be really is a gay man. Hopefully people like me will make it better…the black community needs to get over that.”

The lighthearted interview also included the Behar a moment that began with Behar calling Lemon “a successful gorgeous dude,” which prompted a quick response. “Are you hitting on me? Didn’t you read the book, Joy?”

Watch it here, from HLN:

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