CNN’s Don Lemon: I Get Called Uncle Tom if I Don’t Push a Certain Narrative

CNN anchor Don Lemon took on Charles Barkley‘s comments about black people tearing each other down and agreed, since he said he’s also been attacked for not putting forth a certain narrative as a black man.

TheBlaze’s Tara Setmayer agreed with Barkley too, saying that she’s heard plenty of racist things from other black people because of how she looks, speaks, and the fact that she’s educated. And not only that, but Setmayer is a conservative minority, and she told Lemon she gets a lot of hate for that.

Van Jones didn’t quite agree. He said the African-Americans he’s spoken to say they’re “proud I have an Ivy League education,” and didn’t feel comfortable about people like Barkley overreacting and spreading stereotypes about black people.

Lemon argued that he’s just tired of having to qualify any comments about the black community by saying first that racism is obviously bad. He said that as a black man, “if I don’t carry a certain narrative” that liberally-minded black people have come to expect, then he gets called names like Uncle Tom.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

And you can listen to the Barkley audio here, via 94 WIP Philly Radio:

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