CNN’s Don Lemon: Michael Cohen’s Friends View Him as ‘John Dean’ Figure


CNN’s Don Lemon thinks history might be about to repeat itself now that Michael Cohen is hinting he’s about to flip on his old boss.

The CNN host had a conversation with Brooke Baldwin on Tuesday, during which the two drew parallels between Cohen and John Dean — the former White House lawyer who brought down Richard Nixon by coming clean about Watergate. Lemon hinted that President Donald Trump‘s ex-personal attorney could go the same way, referring to sources who say Cohen is getting really sick of Rudy Giuliani and members of the White House spreading lies about him.

“My sources are telling me he’s not going to be a punching bag for the administration, that because of the relentless attack by the president, by the administration, and from Rudy Giuliani every day, that Michael Cohen needs to speak for himself. He needs to protect himself.”

Lemon also cited friends of Cohen who said the attorney has a different version of the truth from what Trump-world is trying to push these days. He also said Cohen no longer recognizes the president and has come to believe that his past Trump defenses were “not in the best judgment” in retrospect.

“My source says he’s hitting the reset button and letting the chip falls where they may,” Lemon said. “If that seems as a smoking gun because he knows something about trump, that’s a reasonable inference, but that’s not why he’s doing it. The reason he’s talking now is because he wants to make things right.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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