CNN’s Don Lemon Scolds Students Who Flashed Nazi Salute in Prom Picture: At That Age, ‘You Should Know Better’

CNN’s Don Lemon, on Monday night, scolded the Wisconsin high school students whose prom picture in which they are seen flashing an apparent Nazi salute has gone viral.

The photo depicting students from Baraboo High School in Wisconsin went national on Monday. The school district has promised an investigation into the photo after it received considerable blowback.

Lemon joined Chris Cuomo to discuss the image, and he questioned why CNN blurred out the students’ faces during the broadcast. Cuomo reminded him that the students are minors, though Lemon countered that they were “old enough and bold enough to do a Nazi salute symbol” and then post the photo on social media.

Lemon added that the national ridicule is justified, noting that the students “did it to themselves.”

“I’m just waiting for the excuse for people to start saying, ‘oh, why ruin all these kids’ lives’ and whatever? Well, they did it to themselves. By the time you are that age, you should know better when it comes to these matters….The things that I hear they’re saying, allegedly, if they’re indeed true…they’ve got a real problem there. They’re learning this behavior from someone else. It doesn’t happen in a vacuum.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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