CNN’s Don Lemon Slams Trump for Being Afraid to Cross Putin, Saudi Crown Prince: ‘Whatever Happened to America First?’


On Friday night, CNN’s Don Lemon slammed President Donald Trump for being “weak, weak, weak” and unwilling to confront his “BFF” Russian President Vladimir Putin face-to-face.

Lemon started off by showing an image of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman chummy with Putin at the G20 Summit.

“These are the world’s leaders, the ones that our president is cozying up to. Take a look at your screen right now,” Lemon said. There’s the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman. And there’s also president Vladimir Putin there. They sure look happy, don’t they? Just chumming it up, shaking hands, how you doing, buddy?”

He then said this: “Why not? The President of the United States, the leader of the free world, the only man who could stand in their way is weak, weak, weak.”

Lemon then stressed that it appears Trump is afraid to cross them.

“Weak,” he repeated. “Afraid to cross two brutal and repressive leaders who oppose everything this country stands for. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia is the man behind the vicious murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Our own CIA has assessed that with high confidence, but our president, well, he refuses to accept that and he sides with the Saudis again and again and again.”

Then after calling Putin Trump’s “BFF,” Lemon aired a clip of Trump bragging Putin called him “brilliant” and a “genius” and saying Putin’s “fine”  before noting the president of the United States has an opportunity to confront both at the G20 Summit but probably won’t.

“So President Trump has the perfect opportunity to call them both to account at the G20 face to face,”  Lemon noted. “He could. But he seems to be doing everything he can to avoid that.”

“The president seems to care more about covering his tracks with the Mueller investigation closing in than standing up for American values,” Lemon concluded, after pointing out Trump’s early morning tweet. “Whatever happened to America first?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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