CNN’s Don Lemon: Trump Keeps Insulting People’s Looks But ‘Does He Own a Mirror?’


CNN host Don Lemon pushed back on President Donald Trump insulting the looks of critics by asking if he owns a mirror, since he is “no prize” himself.

“This is built into the sauce for Donald Trump, and I think people know that, and we have to keep pointing it out, it’s awful,” Lemon said tonight, just hours after Trump insulted Stormy Daniels by calling her “horseface.”

“Here’s a bigger question, I don’t usually like to talk about people’s looks — does he own a mirror? He keeps talking about people gaining weight and how people look,” Lemon added. “Does he own a mirror that doesn’t have vaseline over it or a cloth? I mean, all he has to do is look in the mirror.”

“Donald Trump is no prize, and if I were him — not that I’m one either — I would keep my thoughts about other people’s looks to myself,” he concluded.

Fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo agreed that Trump “should know better.”

“He should just know that he has to be better than this, because if he isn’t, who else is going to be?” Cuomo said tonight. “If he doesn’t see that it’s eroding things, that people are using it as an excuse to be that way also, then he’s not as smart as I thought he was.”

Lemon ended the discussion with a call for journalists to focus less on Trump’s theatrics, and more on the disappearance of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

Watch above, via CNN.

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