CNN’s Eliot Spitzer Asks ‘Fugitive’ Wisconsin Senator: ‘Have You Committed Treason?’

On CNN’s In the Arena, Eliot Spitzer morphed back to his days in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, donning reading glasses and telling “fugitive” Wisconsin Senator Fred Risser he “poked around your state’s constitution for a few minutes this afternoon.” The senator, who joined the program by phone from an “undisclosed location,” is part of a group of Wisconsin lawmakers who fled the state in an effort to stop Gov. Scott Walker‘s move to end collective bargaining. Those lawmakers now face the possibility of arrest.

Spitzer, reading from the Wisconsin constitution, suggested arresting Sen. Risser might not be as easy as some believe. “There’s a provision here, Article Four, Section 15, that says members of the legislature shall, in all cases except treason, felony and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest and then it continues on. So have you committed treason? Is that what they’re saying?”

The senator insists they’ve broken no law and should not face arrest.

Watch it here, from CNN:

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