CNN’s Eliot Spitzer To Rep. Jason Chaffetz: ‘You Are Balancing The Budget On The Backs Of The Poor’

In a conversation on CNN’s In the Arena with Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) over a possible government shutdown, Eliot Spitzer accused Chaffetz and Republicans of “balancing the budget on the backs of the poor.”

In a conversation that touched on the debt ceiling and tax cuts, Spitzer called the small amount of money (in a huge budget) being debated “silliness.” Rep. Chaffetz conceded the amount of money at issue is small, but said he belived that meant there should be a deal. Later, in a talk about tax cuts, Chaffetz said raising taxes will not bring relief. “We are taxing, borrowing and spending too much money…I just don’t believe you’re going to tax your way to prosperity.”

Spitzer accused Chaffetz of “driving the government to bankruptcy and balancing the budget on the backs of the poor,” and said “you’re simply wrong on the economics and the history.”

Watch it here, from CNN:

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