CNN’s Erin Burnett: Can Trump Really Bash Ilhan Omar and Say She Should Resign Given His Track Record?


CNN’s Erin Burnett tonight brought on two guests to discuss President Donald Trump‘s call for Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to resign, given past statements of his own.

Keith Boykin noted Trump “has a history of anti-Semitism” and has never apologized, including the comments he made to the Republican Jewish Coalition in 2015.

Burnett played those very comments, in which Trump said, “You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money… But that’s okay, you want to control your own politician.”

She asked, “How is that any different?”

Scott Jennings said Trump made those kind of remarks to “a lot of donors.” Burnett shot back, “That was at the Republican Jewish Coalition where he was speaking. You can’t act like that’s not relevant, Scott.”

Jennings said Omar should lose her committee assignments like Steve King did.

Burnett showed a few clips of Trump, including his infamous “both sides” Charlottesville remarks and his comments about Mexico “not sending their best” people on the campaign trail.

Burnett asked, “Can he really attack Omar and say… that her apology is lame, she didn’t mean it, and it’s deep-seated in her heart, when that’s his track record?”

Jennings conceded that Trump doesn’t have a “perfect track record,” citing Charlottesville in particular, but he said they should talk about the anti-Semitic tropes in Omar’s tweets and not just “play whataboutism with Donald Trump.”

When he noted a Democratic congresswoman who “wouldn’t use her name,” Burnett said, “That’s a lot like Steve king and the Republicans!”

“They took him off the committee!” he fired back.

Boykin brought up Steve King and how long he’s been in office, while Omar is a freshman congresswoman. Jennings mockingly responded, “She just learned that anti-Semitism is a thing. She just learned about it.”

“What’s Donald Trump’s excuse for learning about anti-Semitism and tweeting anti-Semitic posts repeatedly?” Boykin asked.

“If you want to defend the anti-Semites in your party, go ahead!” Jennings said.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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