CNN’s Erin Burnett on Tax Return Fight: ‘What Is President Trump So Afraid Of?’

CNN host Erin Burnett started off her Friday show by noting that President Donald Trump‘s legal team is willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court to prevent his taxes from getting out.

Burnett started by playing a clip of Trump suggesting he doesn’t have to release his taxes because he already got elected and claiming that he’s “under audit.”

She then noted that the IRS doesn’t release who is under audit so there is no way of knowing if what Trump said is true.

Next, playing a 2014 clip where Trump said he would “absolutely” release his taxes if he decides to run for office, the CNN host stressed that while we don’t know if Trump’s audit claims are a lie, his 2014 claim certainly is.

Finally, driving her point home, she asked, “What is President Trump so afraid of?”

“If there is nothing fraudulent, nothing wrong, just things that tax experts could argue about, like deprecation schedules, then this should not be an issue,” she continued on. “But it is an issue for the president.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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